Pranayama Impact on Hemoglobin

This is a personal experience wherein I describe the impact of pranyama helping me in increasing the hemoglobin.


Increasing Hemoglobin: Anulom Vilom Pranayama - 1

I was diagnosed with a low hemoglobin when I had done my blood test in 2014 June. My hemoglobin reading was 12.2 which was below the normal hemoglobin required for a male, which is around 14. I was feeling tired due to this low hemoglobin. When I visited my local gym I was feeling dull in doing my exercises. In the daily life also I used to be dull and feeling lethargic. My doctor did prescribe me medicine to increase hemoglobin. But to no avail.

I had started doing yoga from May 2015 under the guidance of a yoga teacher. I was doing the yogasanas or the postures but the pranayama was being done very less. So around the month of August I started doing pranayama regularly; three times a day – morning, evening, and night just before sleeping.

Procedure of how pranayama increased hemoglobin

The breakup in the chronological order was:

  1. Morning: 1 minute deep breathing, 25 minutes kapalbhati pranayama, 30 minutes anulom vilom pranyama, 2 cycles of bhastrika pranayama – a cycle of 50 each, 5 times bhramari pranayama, 5 times om chanting, and lastly 3 times sitkari pranayama. Totally it used to be 65 minutes.
  2. Evening: Same as morning procedure. This also 65 minutes.
  3. Night (just before sleeping): 1 minute deep breathing, 20 minutes anulom vilom pranyama, 5 times bhramari pranayama, 5 times om chanting, and lastly 3 times sitkari pranayama. The night-time schedule was approximately 25-30 minutes.

Increasing Hemoglobin: Anulom Vilom Pranayama - 2

Then I again did a blood report in February 2017. And lo! behold! surprise, surprise! My haemoglobin was 14.2. The pranayama had increased my haemoglobin by 2 points! This was mainly due to anulom vilom pranayama. This pranayama does help to regulate your hemoglobin. We will talk about different pranayama in some later posts.

The pranayama has an overall impact on your internal functioning of your body, if perfectly done. One should not do kapalbhati and bhastrika pranayama in the night as they increase our metabolism and hamper our sleep.