We enrich our lives through different means. One of the means of enriching our lives is having absolute fitness of  all kinds. For enriching our lives mainly we consider physical, mental, and social and spiritual fitness & wellness. All three are important aspects of our enrichment of the life.

Physically we must be fit and that would also consider that our physical well-being is in good shape and health. We would not worry about our health or our tasks at hand to be completed.

Our mental health and fitness should be good so that our decisions that we take in our daily life and business, our thought processes are all under our control; and that, we do not suffer from any mental illness. The tasks at hand are not affected due to the mental problems.

The social and spiritual fitness & wellness concerns with the fact that our interactions with the society are healthy and sound; and that, spiritually also we are well concerned with the well-being of the society and be righteous and faithful. We must find meaning in life events, demonstrate individual purpose and live life that reflects our values and beliefs.